With so much information published online, finding a trustworthy source to give a sincere opinion seems like looking for the Holy Grail. I’ve been where you are now, with aches and pains, and transparency has become my mission. That’s why this Grid roller review will not only offer you my personal opinion, but also a breakdown of the pros and cons of this specific product and foam rollers in general, and, as a bonus, some of the most edifying and unbiased opinions users already have.

            General Information

Being a self-massage tool, you will need to ask your fitness instructor for recommended exercises, while you are at home, or look for online resources, like tutorials or videos, but remind yourself this: your body is adaptable only to a certain extent. Don’t overdo it. The purpose is to relax and stretch, not exercise.

One of the best features of the Grid foam roller, manufactured by Trigger Point, is the proprietary Distrodensity zones. These are three different surfaces, varying in widths and sturdiness, with the purpose of mimicking a massage therapists hands.


  1. Sturdiness: The first thing you will worry about, especially if you are a big boy or girl, is “will this hold me when I’m doing hip massage?” Yes, it will. Even if it has a hollow core, its cylindrical shape allows forces to spread evenly, holding up to 500 pounds, and it does come with a 1-year warranty, so just check the return policy.
  2. Travel Practical: This is not a space-saver, or at least not at the first look. However, it has that hollow core which allows you to take it even on long trips, because you can fit your belongings in it, actually saving space.
  3. Easy Rolling: I know it’s a roller. But some other products out there are just too adherent to the surface or to smooth, making it either hard to roll or slippery. Both versions would be a con; luckily, this foam roller has mastered the rolling equation.
  4. It Does Hurt: Massages are not just for relaxation. I know it and you do too since you stuck so long reading this. Yes, if your body is in shape, you will feel like you’re in heaven. However, if you just finished an Insanity training session, or are recovering after a few intense days at the gym, the Grid foam roller will make you want to throw it out the window. But you do know it’s good for you, right? If not, you’ll know it in about 30 minutes after finishing your rolling session.
  5. It Comes in Different Sizes: Since all of us are built differently, from tall and skinny to short and stubby, boned or fluff, the guys (or girls) who designed this made sure to remember that. That’s why the Grid roller comes in different sizes, to fit us all:

– The original 13-inch Grid – this is the most versatile model of them all. Created to withstand weights up to 500 pounds, this is the most chosen model for athletes who choose to roll during their personal training sessions.

– The 13-inch Grid X, with extra dense foam (suited for the tightest muscles) – as well as the model above, this one holds up to 500 pounds of weight, but it is suited especially for professional fitness passionate individuals, with highly developed muscular tissue.

– The 4-inch Grid Mini (designed for travel) – this model, even if it’s tailored for traveling, it can also be used in the comfort of your own home, for specific body parts, like your hands and calves. Withstanding only a maximum of 250 pounds, it might not be suited for hip and back rolling, especially if you are a fluffy person.

– The 26-inch Grid 2.0 (fitness instructors love this one) – the jewel of the crown, as reviews state. The length of this piece makes it perfect for more advanced rolling techniques, and it is preferred by fitness instructors as a warm in and warm out method.


  1. Not for All: I am a muscle, but also a fluffy person. Cellulite is not my friend, but she sticks with me like super-glue, so every rolling session feels like heaven or hell, depending on what my purpose it. However, my skinny and/or bony friends dislike rolling. You will get used to it, but I would not recommend the Grid X if this is your case.
  2. Not the Cheapest: The Grid Roller is among the most expensive foam rollers on the market. However, you can choose this one, and exercise without worrying you are too big, and it will break, or you can pick a cheaper alternative and buy a new one every couple of months

Is Foam Rolling for Everyone?

This is the master question that needs to be answered. Based on personal experience as well as reviews from professional, the only category of people where the majority considered a foam roller to not suit their needs was that with deep scar tissue. Otherwise, the Grid roller can help with:

  • Preparing the body for performance training;
  • Improving balance;
  • Improving mobility;
  • Increasing flexibility and circulation;
  • Decreasing muscle and joint pain;
  • Recovery from injuries, as long as any external ones have been healed

The Grid Foam Roller Features:

  • There are 3 different surfaces: flat, long tubular and small and firm surface, which simulate the hands, fingers, and fingertips of a massage therapist;
  • It can withstand weight up to 500 pounds, except for the 4-inch Grid Mini;
  • Instructions are included, making it easy even for a newcomer by using
  • It has a 1-year warranty;
  • You get access to online instructional videos, adapted for various conditions, body types, and weights.

image of grid foam roller review

What Others Have to Say?

  • “While I could solely blame CrossFit® for my constantly achy body, more than likely it’s my crappy posture and the fact that for this girl, age 36 is apparently the new 80. Whatever the cause may be, mobility is my friend, which makes the foam roller one of my box BFFs” – The Team at RxReview
  • “If you’re just starting foam rolling this is my #1 recommendation if you don’t want to go to the hardware store and pick up that PVC pipe.” – Truth of Building Muscle
  • “Grid rolling is an important part of my nightly ritual. Takes the knots out of my quads and helps relax me for sleep. Thank you big time.” – Julia, a happy customer of Trigger Point


My purpose in this Grid roller review was to present you with facts and objective opinions. You have the resources necessary to make your own mind. However, if it’s one last thing I would add, choose quality over savings. After all, you are investing in your well-being. When was the last night you didn’t wake up without pain or soreness? Remember that when you choose your foam roller, and I am convinced you will make the right choice.

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